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The CMU implementation of Common Lisp (CMUCL).

ILISP, an emacs package to form an interactive environment with an underlying Common such, such as - you guessed it - CMUCL, but with all other general-purpose Common Lisp implementations as well.

The BSD User Group Hamburg

McClim, a free implmentation of CLIM once lived on cons.org. See the link above for new contact information.

Pages related to the CLISP implementation of Common Lisp.

The cons.org FAQ

Why the name cons.org ?
(cons ...) is a fundamental function in my favorite programming language Lisp, meaning "construction" (of a list or pair). Additionally, I like the meaning of the word "cons tructive", as opposed to "destructive" (you know everything's too late when I more the website to "dest.org" :-) I also have a valid interest in "cons traint programming" (Web pages to come). And remember, you should avoid consing at all cost, so why you are visiting this Web site anyway :-)?

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